The Most Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient Hot Tub Cover Ever – The “Airframe Cover”

The lightweight Airframe spa cover is the most innovative spa cover on the market. It features award-winning, 21st century technology that has six US patents and patents pending, utilizing 4 chambered air/radiant barriers that make it highly energy efficient. This green technology makes it possible to reduce the spa’s energy footprint by up to 35 percent year after year during the life of the spa. No other spa cover manufacturer offers a lightweight, energy efficient, durable and environmentally friendly spa cover with such advanced green technology.

The Airframe design does not use Styrofoam (EPS) foam which is hazardous to the environment and absorbs water over time making the cover heavy and difficult to manage. In addition, the gasses emitted from the water-soaked core can expose users to micro-organisms like mold and neurotoxins benzene and styrene.

Airframe also offers an integrated cover removal system (AIRS) for easy cover removal. The Airframe spa cover uses a lightweight aluminum frame covered with premium outdoor acrylic fabric that makes it durable and decorative, long lasting and easy to use.
The Airframe is the first spa cover to offer up to a 10 year warranty. Its sustainable design was awarded a rebate from the Oregon Energy Trust, uses no EPS foam and employs poly-banded aluminum framing, layered air-chamber insulation and radiant energy barriers around the air chambers to limit heat emission and water condensation.

This sustainable design is recyclable and repairable and is built to withstand harsh weather elements without becoming water heavy. Airframe’s cover fabric is “breathable,” meaning it can easily adjust to climate changes making it less apt to become a host for mold and mildew as vinyl spa covers can.

The Airframe spa cover uses science-based design elements that give it superior heat insulation, energy efficiency and safety. The Energy Trust of Oregon gives residents a $100 cash rebate for Airframe’s energy efficiency.

When we make better choices in spa covers, it helps improve our energy efficiency and helps our planet get healthier by reducing the amount of EPS foam in our landfills. Our families’ futures depend on us. How can you beat it – a sustainable, toxic-free, environmentally friendly spa cover with $100 energy rebate and up to ten year warranty available!

For more information on the Airframe cover please contact:

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(541) 772-7721

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