Endless Pools Fit@Home App for Smartphones

Endless Pools is easily one of the pioneers of swim spas which is why their name is synonymous with the same. They are also the first to pioneer a new swim spa workout app for smartphones.

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Endless Pools Smartphone App

We downloaded the Endless Pools Fit@Home App for the iPhone and have been impressed with the technology and features available. The app allows a user to program individual workouts for the both swimming and the Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill (optional). The app has a manual control function where you can create a one-off workout or you can create and save a variety of workouts that you can pick and choose. The swim spa app allows you to set parameters for time, pace, and resistance level. The app is a wonderful feature for more sophisticated or elite athletes looking to measure their performance.

We would expect more swim spa manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon as the app is very useful and appealing to would be swim spa buyers. For now, this is a competitive advantage for Endless Pools.

Also noteworthy, is the Endless Pools augmented reality app (AR) which gives potential buyers the opportunity to visualize an Endless Pools model swim spa in their own backyard. This is an amazing tool and it can be downloaded for free on iOS or Android.

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