Do It Yourself Hot Tub Base – Concrete Free

Iowat Group Inc has created one of craftier spa and hot tub bases that the industry has seen in some time. The HandyGrid spa base is a do-it-yourself base that makes for a fast, easy, and economical foundation for any hot tub or swim spa. No need for messy concrete, leveling pavers, or labor intensive decks with the HandyGrid. The grids are made from recycled plastic (LDPE) and are very strong, capable of supporting 100 tons per square foot according to the manufacturer. 

All you need for a DIY install is a level, shovel, and rake. Simply identify the area in which you want to lay the base and then remove 6 inches of dirt from the area. Once you’ve done that then lay down 24 tiles which form an 8’ x 8’ base which is sufficient for most hot tubs and then fill with 1/4” crushed rock to the top of the tiles. Once completed you can simply place the hot tub on the pad and your done. 

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