Dimension One – Aquatic Fitness Systems – Swim Spas Discontinued

Interesting that in a growing and very viable segment of the hot tub industry, manufacturer Dimension One Spas has discontinued its Aquatic Fitness Systems (AFS) swim spa program. At one point they were one of the only games in town offering multiple models (AquaFit Sport, AquaFit Pro, AquaFit Play, and AquaFit Plus) of swim spas and exercise pools and owning huge market share. It’s not certain as to why they discontinued the offering in 2019 but it might have to do with the buying spree that Jacuzzi Brands has been on for the last 6 years since acquiring San Diego based Dimension One (D1 Spas). Jacuzzi Brands most recent acquisition of HydroPool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas out of Canada might have a lot to do with it because they have a very robust offering of swim spas that has been very successful in recent years. Dimension One dealers maybe offered incentives to carry the HydroPool line of swim spas to complement their hot tub line and Jacuzzi Brands (parent company of both) still benefits and gains some efficiency by not having to offer two different swim spa lines.

We wouldn’t rule out a comeback as hot tub manufacturers have been known to enter and exit the swim spa market in the last 25 years. Only time will tell.

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