Costco Swim Spas

Does Costco sell swim spas? This is a popular question amongst Costco members looking for big savings.  The simple answer to this question is NO (at least not through  It is interesting that they have yet to enter into the swim spa market given the availability, popularity, and increasing demand of swim spas in recent years.  Costco has been in the hot tub market, offering them almost exclusively online, for over 12 years.  Why they haven’t added one or two models of swim spas is surprising.  Maybe it has to do with the logistics of delivery and installation as swim spas range in size between 12-21 feet and require extra care and handling……something that is more equipped for a specialty hot tub dealer or retailer.

One other, more limited, option for retail savings is to purchase from a Costco “Roadshow”. Roadshows are special events that are planned and occur on a more local Costco Warehouse level.  These events are typically 10 days, starting on a Friday and ending on a Sunday (two weekends).  These events are unique as they involve a local manufacturer or retailer to partner with Costco for a limited time to provide Costco members with rare and exceptional savings.  During a roadshow a local hot tub dealer is given a designated area (10 x 20 or 10 x 40) of the Costco warehouse where they bring in their most popular hot tub or swim spa models with deep discounts for a 10 day period available to Costco members.  The display is staffed with a knowledgeable product specialist(s) for the duration of the event.  Furthermore, the purchase actually runs through Costco’s registers and the merchant (hot tub dealer) is paid by Costco.  The advantage of purchasing through a Costco roadshow for a member is that they get all of the added protections and customer service (flexible return policy) that they are used to from Costco and of course an excellent price.  Costco Roadshows are a great way to get a premium brand of hot tub or swim spas which is otherwise not available on for an excellent price.

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