Coronavirus Affecting Hot Tubs and Spas?

With the recent news and coverage on the Coronavirus we started to wonder how it might affect both hot tub and swim spa owners as well as retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers in the hot tub industry.

First off, we’ve not be able to find any scientific studies or data on pools or hot tubs that may be potentially contaminated with COVID-19 outside of the CDC’s guidance and findings. We do know that some earlier strains of Coronavirus can be transmitted through water however studies have been inconclusive. According to the CDC, with proper disinfection (using bromine or chlorine), hot tubs and swimming pools would not pose a risk for spreading COVID-19.

Second, the worldwide spread of the virus with it’s origins in China suggest that there may be a slowdown in Chinese manufacturing of hot tub parts and materials. Things like plastics, LED lighting, jets, pumps, motors, control systems, and cabinetry are predominately manufactured in China and shipped to hot tub distributors and manufacturers in the United States. The slowdown or disruption will affect all aspects of the supply chain in the United States to some extent and for how long no one knows. There has already been some reports by hot tub manufacturers. On the bright side, much of hot tub and swim spa manufacturing still takes place domestically and there are some raw materials and parts suppliers still manufacturing domestically as well. Those domestic hot tub parts manufacturers are sure to see a boost in their sales at least for the short run until the Coronavirus is better contained.

If you are looking to buy a hot tub or swim spa in the near term you may or may not run into supply issues unless their is spread of the virus in the United States, however, it’s something to consider as you research and shop around. The subject of the Coronavirus is a rapidly changing and a speculative issue for now.

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