Core Spa Covers WeatherShield Fabric

Core Covers has been making OEM covers for the hot tub industry for a very long time. Traditional hot tub covers are made from a vinyl skin over a foam core. Vinyl covers typically have a 3-5 year life expectancy. Core has developed a new fabric, called WeatherShield, to cover the foam core made from 100% solution-dyed, urethane coated polyester and has many benefits over vinyl. Those benefits include being 25% lighter, three times stronger, and more durable than vinyl. They are also UV and mold resistant, easy to clean, and have a better aesthetic look and feel. According to Core Covers, 70% of their OEM hot tub manufacturers are opting to move to the new material because of its superior quality and performance which will also reduce cover warranty claims.

The WeatherShield fabric is available in 5 colors. Fore more information you can contact Core Covers.

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