Consumers Seeking Health and Wellness thru Hot Tubs

Recently, Jacuzzi Group, one of the largest hot tub manufacturers in the industry commissioned an online survey conducted by The Harris Pool seeking some insights into the everyday American. Of more than 2000 adults polled, 71% believe that a hot tub would improve their lifestyle. Also, of note the poll reported that 73% said that they would more likely be inclined to make a purchase if they got to try it first.

If we could extrapolate these results we can infer two very important things. The first is that through the pandemic Americans are prioritizing their health and wellness especially with stay at home orders and social distancing forcing individuals and families into home isolation. The second is that it is abundantly clear that the increased consumer interest in buying hot tubs and swim spa is the biggest driver of the backlog facing every dealer, manufacturer, and supplier in the pool and spa industry (aside from supply chain issues). In 2020 and 2021 surging demand for hot tubs coupled with problems in supply chain and lead time by manufacturers has caused massive delays in hot tub order. A normal hot tub order used to take 4 weeks and it is now taking 6-8 months. Many manufacturers are building well into 2022.

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