Coast Spas Releases The Purfikt Spa

It’s been some time since Coast Spas has released a hot tub especially in their Infinity Collection of infinity edge spas. At first glance the “Purfikt” hot tub model seems more like a digression of innovation as compared to its predecessors. Its clunky look and limited seating capacity (for its size) make it far less superior than the other models in the Infinity Collection. The sidewalls are extremely thick and bulky, the location of the topside controls seem inconvenient and out of place, and the air controls and filter are hidden making it a confusing hot tub to operate. The most appealing trait of Purfikt hot tub is the the dual 24″ Fusion Waterfalls.

Coast is also offering a smaller version called the 2Purfikt Infinity Spa. With seats for three we would imagine that it’s more comfortable for two given that similar industry seating layouts are crammed with 3. The 2Purfikt is a nice, small footprint that measures 83.5″ x 71.5″ x 40″.

Given the leap in industry innovation from the first generation Infinity Collection models, it is surprising to see such a disappointing attempt at progressing the line. I guess the Purfikt Spa is far from perfect.

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