Coast Cubby and Coast WaterVac System Innovative and Cool

Coast Spas is probably one of the most innovative hot tub brands in the hot tub industry especially in their relentless pursuit of creating a negative edge, self contained hot tub which they successfully accomplished back in 2011. Now they are at it again with two new cool and functional features.

The first is what they’ve dubbed as the “Coast Cubby’. The Coast Cubby is a thermoformed plastic housing (built into the hot tub cabinet) that’s large enough to hold towels, chemicals, or personal belongings keeping them securely stored and dry using the ambient air from inside of the hot tub cabinet. The cubby is also lit for night time usage.

The second feature which is available with the Coast Cubby is a WaterVac which helps with the time and difficulty associated with draining your a hot tub or spa. Anyone who has owned a hot tub knows that draining them can be long and painful (approximately 1 hour for most spas). The Coast WaterVac system is a cool feature that uses a powered pump to drain your hot tub water faster and easier than ever before. Simply open the Coast Cubby and lift the WaterVac hatch, hook up the hose, and start the pump to drain your spa water with ease.

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Coast Cubby Hot Tub Storage Compartment

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