Cape Cod Shark Sightings Helping Pool and Spa Sales

With over 40 shark sightings along Massachusetts beaches since August 1st, Cape Cod homeowners are looking to take their water recreation to the comforts and safety of their own backyards by seeking installation of swimming pools, hot tubs, and swim spas.

Shark Sightings in Cape Cod on the Rise

One local pool construction business in particular, Cape Cod Pool Company, has reported as much as a 40% increase in sales. Another company, Seaside Pool Service, has reported a 30% spike in sales. Owners say that it’s because residents are afraid of the sharks. These days the beach is a place to hang out, get sun, and enjoy views but NOT to swim or go into the water as concerns about sharks are on the rise.

Not only have pool and spa sales increased, there has been an surge in business for companies that service and repair pools and spas. Usage is substantially up which means homeowners needs their pools cleaned, chemicals balanced, repairs made, etc..

Who would have known that “sharks would be good for business“? Some companies have been unable to keep up with demand and have had to turn business away.

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