Buying Hot Tubs with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency


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Buying hot tubs and spas with Bitcoin

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency craze is now moving into the hot tub industry. Bitcoin is now being accepted by dealers and retailers selling hot tubs and swim spas. One of the first dealers in the industry to start accepting Bitcoin as payment is UK based Hot Tub Barn . They are set up to accept bitcoin payments in all three of their retail locations. With the recent widespread euphoria surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies it would seem foolish not to jump on the band wagon. Niche and specialty industries like the hot tub industry are not immune and we are certain that more hot tub retailers and manufacturers both online and offline will follow suit.


What is Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency?
Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency currency that does not require a central authority like a government or bank to manage funds. Rather, Bitcoin utilizes a peer-to-peer network to record all accounting and transactions onto a global ledger called a block chain. There are several other cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, however, Bitcoin is the most valuable and most well-known.

Hot tubs aren’t the only thing you can buy with Bitcoins. Bitcoin website references a global list of retailers now accepting Bitcoin payments both online and offline for their goods and services.

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