Should You Buy a Hot Tub without Ever Looking At It?

The answer is NO! A hot tub is a big ticket item and should never be purchased without sitting in it to see how it fits, evaluating the quality and “looking under the hood”, and wet-testing if you are concerned about performance. Not to mention, you should meet the local dealer and ask questions about post-sales support for things like service, warranty work, and water care.

If you’re thinking of purchasing online you should consider that if you are unhappy with your purchase you will have to incur the cost of delivery, installation, removal, and shipping back to the online retailer. There may also be restocking fees. These costs can be discouraging enough to stick with the purchase but then you have a product that you are not happy with. We see this time and time again. Buying online is not always the best way to go especially when dealing with hot tubs as there are just too many potential pitfalls. We would recommend doing your research and finding the right opportunity to buy local at a sale, home show, or fair so that you can get a good value and all of the other aforementioned benefits of buying from a local dealer.

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