Best Swim Strokes to do in a Swim Spas

If you’re looking for a convenient way to swim in your own backyard, a swim spa is the perfect solution. Swimming is a great way to exercise your entire body, and with a swim spa, you can do it right in your own backyard. Here are four swim strokes you can try in your swim spa to get the most out of your workout.

Backstroke – This stroke targets your thighs and back muscles. Simply float on your back and move each arm backward in a paddling motion. You’ll also be doing a flutter kick, which will work wonders for your thighs. With each arm movement, you’ll give your latissimus dorsi – the muscles on your shoulders – a good workout.

Breaststroke – This stroke targets your chest, arms, and legs. Start by floating on your stomach with your arms extended forward. Pull your arms back towards your chest in a circular motion, while simultaneously bringing your legs in towards your body and then pushing them out again in a frog-like motion. The breaststroke is excellent for your core and will help build your pectoral muscles, which are the muscles in your chest that you want to strengthen to impress.

Butterfly – This stroke targets your back, shoulders, and is excellent for your core. Swim on your stomach with both of your arms moving symmetrically, while keeping them straight throughout the entire stroke. Your arms should extend above your head and then travel backwards underwater, making a perfect circle over and over. You’ll combine your arm motions with a dolphin kick, where both legs are pressed together as you kick up and down, mimicking the movement of a dolphin’s tail.

In addition to targeting specific muscle groups, swimming is also excellent for endurance, weight loss, and cardio. Freestyle is a great stroke to improve your cardio health. It requires repetitive submerging and re-emerging of your head, taking in breaths as you rise out of the water. As your head bobs below and above water, you’re making windmill arc motions with your arms. The exercise is finished out by adding a flutter kick.

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