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Omni Digital Marketing emerged from the success of Coastal Spa & Patio, a thriving retail business based in Anaheim, California. Since its inception in 1988, the company has traversed various marketing channels, learning and adapting through a journey marked by experimentation and discovery.

As traditional advertising mediums like phone books and newspapers dwindled in effectiveness and the costs of TV and radio advertising soared, a need for a fresh and creative approach was needed in order to survive. Six years ago, Omni Digital Marketing took a leap into the realm of online and social media advertising, yielding unprecedented results.

With over $30 million in hot tub sales directly attributed to social media, Coastal Spa & Patio witnessed a remarkable surge in annual revenue, soaring from $5 million to a whopping $15 million. This achievement can be solely attributed to the effectiveness of Omni Digital Marketing’s tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies.

The efficacy of digital marketing ceased to be a mere concept; it became a validated and engrained strategy within their operations. Recognizing the challenges inherent in running a retail business, the founders of Omni Digital Marketing aspired to empower other enterprises and industries, leading to the establishment of the agency.

Omni Digital Marketing Agency has one mission. That mission is to democratize digital marketing, making it accessible, impactful, and affordable for businesses of all proportions. Today, Omni Digital Marketing stands as a living testament to the potency of accumulated experience, innovation, and a sincere commitment to aiding others in their success.

Now, the agency aims to assist retailers in crafting their own success narrative and drive growth. Reach out Omni Digital Marketing to be your reliable guide in navigating the ever-changing digital marketing arena. Complete our contact us form to get a free quote and analysis with an Omni Digital Marketing representative today.

Omni Digital Services:

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Marketing Packages
  3. Spa Shows, Super Sales, Hot Tub Expos, and other Special Events
  4. Advertising Platform
  5. Media Creation

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