Bellagio Spas Growing Hot Tub Dealer Footprint in the United States

Bellagio Luxury Spas made its first debut at the International Pool and Spa Expo last November (2022) and is slowly but surely creating distribution partnerships with independent hot tub dealers across the United States.

Bellagio Spas is a renowned China-based manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas, aiming to establish itself as a reliable partner for customers worldwide. Founded in 2003 by a team of experienced manufacturers, Bellagio integrates professional management and state-of-the-art production technologies to deliver exceptional hot tubs and swim spas.

With production bases located in Anji and Xuancheng, Bellagio employs a team of skilled managers and motivated staff who work diligently to develop and create high-quality hot tubs and swim spas that are shipped across the globe. Spanning over 400,000 square feet, their factory ensures stable lead times, even for bulk orders (for private label agreements).

By combining Western management and design expertise with cost-effective production methods, Bellagio understands the complexities of global distribution chains and strives to meet the evolving demands of consumers. Their international management and operations team actively engages with distribution partners, fostering an environment of idea-sharing and continuous improvement. This collaborative approach and dedication to advancement are deeply ingrained in the company culture, enabling them to provide hot tubs and swim spas that not only meet customer expectations but also offer the benefits of cutting edge and constantly expanding product range. Bellagio has also been certified for or compliant with the following international standards: ISO-9001, TUV, SAA, UL, CE, and CEC.

The Bellagio Luxury line currently offers 10 distinctive swim spas models and 8 hot tub models. Unique features include aluminum Eco-Tech cabinets, fiberglass base, and aluminum frames.

With their progressive company culture and vast international experience, Bellagio Luxury emerges as a dependable partner for establishing successful long-term partnerships.

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