Balboa Water Group Releases spatouch3™ and spatouch3+™

Balboa Water Group, one of the hot tub industry’s largest suppliers of topside controls and equipment packs has officially released its 3rd generation touchscreen display known as SpaTouch. Some notable improvements of the SpaTouch 3 are a larger display, 2 times brighter, latest capacitive touch technology, and overall clearer, more true color display.

The SpaTouch 3 is available in two versions. The SpaTouch 3 is 5″ diagonal display screen and the SpaTouch 3+ is a 7″ diagonal display screen size.

The SpaTouch displays are Balboa Water Group’s marquis level displays and therefore can be found on premium level hot tubs sold by various hot tub manufacturers around the country.

SpaTouch3 by BWG

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