Artesian Spas Releasing Redesigned Island Spas for 2024

It’s been 9 years since Artesian Spas retooled and redesigned their luxury hot tub line – Island Spas. The Island Spas series sits below the Artesian Elite line and above the South Seas line. Island Spas are some of the most customizable hot tubs in the industry with 10 unique models. Each model in the Island Spas series is available with 3-4 jet configuration options (33 jet, 46 jets, 52 jets, and 62 jets in the eight food models) and a large swath of optional features like LED lights, water purification, stereo, pillowfalls (waterfall), tranquility waterfall, WiFi, gate valves, and footblasters. Very few hot tub manufacturers offer this level of customization as it slows down production capabilities and volume for larger manufacturers, however, Artesian has always prided itself on building hot tubs this way giving consumers exactly what they want while staying with their budget.

Artesian Manufacturing Hot Tub Lines;

$$$$ Artesian Elite Spas – 5 Models – Pelican Bay, Piper Glen, Dove Canyon, Qual Ridge, Eagle Crest

$$$ Island Spas – 10 Models – Isla Margarita, Barbados, Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, Antigua, Captiva, Santa Cruz, Nevis, Bimini, St. Kitts

$$ South Seas Spas 16 Models – 840LE, 840BE, 965L, 860L, 860B, 850L, 850B, 853DL, 748L, 748B, 737LE, 737BE, 743D, 532L, 533DL, 627M

$ Garden Spas – 9 Models – Plume, Viola, Wisteria, Forsythia, Hydrangea, Hibiscus, Camelia, Iris, Azalea

One obvious reason for the delay in retooling the Island Spas line was the Covid Pandemic which imposed a 2 years setback in nearly every hot tub manufacturer’s R&D schedule. Most manufacturers retool / redesign their lines every 4-6 years to give some perspective on the matter. At this year’s International Pool and Spa Show Artesian gave a glimpse of one of their more popular Island Spas models called the Grand Bahama. The Bahama is an eight foot, single lounger model. At a glance you can see sleeker, more modern lines on both the interior and exterior of the hot tub while maintaining many of the DNA elements of former Grand Bahama iterations. The tub also features new waterfalls, new pillows, new cabinet, and an all new flx.go topside controller that is round with full color display and “Turn-N-Press” technology. We are excited for the release of the remaining Island Spas models.

2024 Artesian Island Spas Grand Bahama

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