Arctic Spas Progressive Smart Filtration Reviewed

One of the biggest problems with hot tub filtration is the one size fits all approach hot tub manufacturers have taken to address filtration. Water quality and chemistry is different from city to city and region to region therefore it can be extremely difficult to come up with a filtration system that addresses every concern. Arctic Spas has taken a step towards customizable filtration with their new Progressive Smart Filtration System. First off, they have a longer, deeper floating telescopic weir system that addresses two chronic issues with traditional telescopic systems. The first issue is that traditional telescopic systems have a fixed length which can diminish filtration during heavier bather loads because the water level can exceed the top of the skimmer. The second issue is that once larger debris is sucked into the skimmer basket it can easily be released back in the water especially when the telescope closes. Arctic’s longer and deeper skimmer allows for extra extension during heavy bather loads and debris is not released back into the filter. Also, the new 5 layer media filter has a specific layer for each type of debris that could be caught in the filter (ie..iron, calcium, larger particles, etc..). Furthermore, as the system evolves, Arctic is planning on make the different layers more customizable so that a hot tub owner can replace a particular layer of media with more of the type of media that is specific to their needs. For example, if you live in an area with high iron content then you might want to beef up the layer of media geared towards removing that kind of particle. Furthermore, the Progressive Filtration System cartridge is capable of lasting up to six months and ties in with the Arctic OnSpa Wifi monitoring system that will notify the home owners when the filter needs to be replaced.

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