Aqua Swivel Seat Allows Safe and Easy Hot Tub Access

hot tub for disabled

The Aqua Swivel Seat is the answer for anyone who is physically unable to access a hot tub.  The patented technology in the Aqua Swivel Seat is designed to help hot tub bathers in need of aqua therapy but have struggled with access. The seat is easy to install and remove and comes at a very affordable price compared to other handicap accessible lifts on the market.

The Aqua Swivel Seat is a chair that sits on the edge of a hot tub, bathtub, portable spa, jacuzzi, or any above ground tub. The Aqua Swivel Seat rotates 360 degrees and is rated for up to 400 pounds. It is designed to help the elderly, military veterans, athletes, or anyone with a physical disability needing assistance to safely get into a tub without climbing over the side.

The Aqua Swivel Seat also has the follwoing additional features:

  1. Locking mechanism that keeps the seat from moving during use
  2. Universal clamp that allows it to fit most portable hot tubs and spas
  3. Adjustable legs
  4. No power required

The base is made of aluminum making it very light (but strong) and very portable.

Orders can be placed directly on the manufacturer’s website or through participating dealers.

portable spa for disabled

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