Above Ground Hot Tub

An above ground hot tub is basically a portable electric hot tub (could be gas too) that sits on a flat, level foundation (above grade) and accessible on all sides for easy servicing. Above ground hot tubs are usually self-contained, having all of the equipment and plumbing located within the cabinet of the hot tub. The only thing that is required for an above ground hot tub is the installation of a 220v/50AMP electrical service which gets hardwired to the hot tub (note..some spas can run on 110v/15AMP plug).  Above ground hot tubs can be freestanding or in some cases have a deck built around them.  They can also be put inside a gazebo or enclosure for added privacy and shelter from the elements. By design, above ground hot tubs are portable and easy to move.

freestanding hot tub

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