Fun Hot Tub Toys, Games, and Accessories

Outdoor hot tubs can be very fun by themselves, but nobody can deny that it is much more exciting if you have toys and games to play with family or friends. After all, in the hot tubs, you can also do other types of activities apart from relaxing.

In this guide on toys, games, and accessories for hot tubs, you will find a variety of options to get the most fun moments with your family in holidays season or simply to have a great weekend.

1.- Air Hockey Inflatable

This air hockey game is unique and can be used both in the hot tub and on the ground. It is the typical hockey table but this is designed for play in the water. It includes the floating air hockey table, with padded side rails, 2 disc pushers, and 1 disc. It is quite large, so it can be used by adults as well as children.

In order for the disc to be smoothly pushed, it must prevent the floating table from bending, that is, it must be sufficiently inflated to be as rigid as possible. Without a doubt, you will have a fun time with it in your hot tub!

There’s also a different version of the game that can be played with a floating rubber duck, ball, or some other small floating object.  You start the game by simply placing the floating object in the middle of the hot tub.  You can play the game one-one-one or two-on-two for best results.  The players sit on opposite sides of the hot tub and when you say “go” then each player or team must try to advance the floating duck (or object) towards the other team’s wall without actually touching it.  You can create waves, blow on the object, or splash at it to get it to advance towards the other team’s wall. If you can get the object to touch your opponent’s wall then you or your team scores a point.  This is a great hot tub game for all ages and an easy way to pass time in the hot tub.

2.- Fishing Game

This fishing game is ideal for keeping children busy – although the big ones too! – Generally, it comes with 2 rods and around 40 floating fish that have a magnet in each piece. To play, you must place all the fish in the water and with your rod, try to fish as much as you can. Who manages to catch more fish, will be the winner.

The fish are made of plastic (like the rod) and come in different colors and sizes. It is a game to develop healthy competitiveness in children and educational for hand-eye coordination.

3.- Water Darts

This water game of dexterity, aim, and skill can also give us good times of laughter and fun in the hot tub.

Bring 4 darts and a floating dartboard. The game consists of putting the dartboard in the middle of the hot tub and earning a point for each dart that reaches the aquatic dartboard. Whoever gets 10 points wins the game.4

5.- Hive

Hive is a strategic game made with beautiful hexagonal tiles, perfect for outdoor use and waterproof. It is a duel that you try to surround the rival queen while defending your own. It does not require prior assembly, you just have to take it out of the box and start playing. You will need some sort of floating table to play the game on as it requires a flat surface. It is recommended for children from 9 years.

6.- Rory’s Story Cubes

Story Cubes is a simple and suitable game for all ages, where the imagination is put to the test by throwing some dice from which you must build a story. To do this you just have to give a meaning to the drawing of each dice and imagine at the moment an argument that passed through all of them. To play on your own or with up to 12 players (although with 6 it is going well). There are multiple variants, all combinable.

7.- Dobble

Dobble is a game of visual acuity and verbal speed, consisting of 55 cards with 8 drawings in each. The two cards you look at will always have one and only one drawing in common. There are several mini-games in which you have to be quick to find that link between the cards, say it out loud before anyone else, and take the victory. Up to 8 players over 6 years.

8.- Floating Hoops

This game consists of a floating anchor to fill that is placed in the middle of the water and the participants must be around it. Its base, also floating, consists of 4 feet or petals that help the anchor stay upright. The game brings about 20 hoops of 4 different colors to differentiate them and these hoops must be invoked on the floating anchor. It is an entertaining game for adults and children.

9.- The Treasure Hunt

This game is ideal for children who like to dive a lot or want to practice. Children must all be in the water. You must throw something that sinks and is bright or colorful: a colored hoop, a large coin or some shiny object. Participants should close their eyes at the time you throw the ‘treasure’ and then dive and look for it. Children, of course, should go with diving goggles to avoid any discomfort in the eyes.

10.- Guess what song it is

The game is simple but fun. Two or more children and even adults can participate. One of them must sing a song … but underwater! The rest of the participants, diving, must guess what song it is.

11. – Pass the Can

This one is a super fun hot tub game that’s even more fun with lots of players (4 or more) because the object of the game is to take a full and unopened soda can and pass it between players in the hot tub without using your hands.  You also can’t pass it between players using the same body part like from one person’s knee to the other person’s knee.  If a person drops the can then he or she loses a point.  This hot tub game is non-stop laughs and fun. 

12. – Musical Therapy Seats

This is an oldie but goodie hot tub game.  It’s a lot like the game we all grew up playing in school called “musical chairs”.  Basically you start the game with as many players as there are hot tub seats and you manually turn off the jets in a few of the seats by twisting them to the off position (most hot tubs have this capability). Then an organizer turns on the music (this person would ideally be outside of the tub) and the players must circle the hot tub in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion until the music turns off.  When the music turns off then everyone scrambles to find a seat that has a hot tub jet that is turned on. The person not touching a running jet must exit the hot tub.  The game continues but the person responsible for turning the music on an off must also turn off a few jets between each round to make it harder and harder each round for the player to find a running jet.

Holidays and weekends are linked to days of leisure, games, and fun. Children and adults seeking to fill their free time, relax and spend time together. How? A residential hot tub can be a good remedy.

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