Which Parts of Your Body Can You Target with Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

A Wellis Spas hot tub can provide an overall massaging effect on various parts of the body, offering relaxation and therapeutic benefits. The positioning and massaging capabilities of the jets also depends on the level of equipment. Like the design of the tub, the placement of hydrotherapy jets, the contours and ergonomics of the seats, and a high volume, low pressure water output of the jets is paramount to getting a good massage. With that said, here are some common areas of the body that can be targeted for massage in a hot tub:

  1. Back: Many hot tubs are equipped with jets positioned to target the muscles along the spine. This can help relieve tension in the back and promote relaxation.
  2. Shoulders: Jets positioned towards the top of the hot tub can provide a soothing massage for the shoulder muscles, which often carry a lot of tension.
  3. Neck: Some hot tubs have jets specifically designed to target the neck area, providing relief for neck stiffness and tension. Collard seats with jets elevated out of the water that spray directly on the back of the neck are best.
  4. Feet: Jets located at the bottom of the hot tub or in footwell areas can offer a foot massage. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with tired or achy feet.
  5. Legs: Jets strategically placed along the sides or bottom of the hot tub can massage the muscles in the legs, addressing fatigue and promoting circulation.
  6. Hips and Glutes: The seating design of the hot tub may allow for jets to target the hip and gluteal muscles, providing relief for individuals with lower back or hip discomfort.
  7. Arms: Some hot tubs have jets positioned to reach the arms and hands, offering a gentle massage for these areas.
  8. Thighs: Jets positioned along the sides of the hot tub can target the muscles in the thighs, providing a soothing massage.
  9. Calf Muscles: Jets at the lower part of the hot tub can be positioned to target the calf muscles, which can be beneficial for individuals with leg fatigue.
wellis hot tub jets for muscle therapy

If you have specific concerns or health issues, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using a hot tub for massage therapy.

Wellis new hot tub family, the LifeLine has infinity jets, which is a completely new generation of jets. The infinity jet makes the massage experience even more enjoyable by massaging a larger portion of the body and doesn’t only move up and down, it draws an infinite figure eight as it turns.

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