Using a Hot Tub In Winter

December always marks the real feeling of winter. The weather turns cold and the days become shorter making people want to cozy up indoors, but there are also those who take advantage of this season and soak themselves in their hot tub every day. Using a hot tub in the cold winter months can be a wonderful experience, however, there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure safety, comfort, and proper maintenance. Here’s a list of things to think about recommended by one of the largest hot tub manufacturers in the world – Wellis Spas.

  1. Check Your Hot Tub Health: Before winter hits, make sure your spa or hot tub is in good working order. Check for any leaks. Test the jet pumps. Make sure the heater is functioning properly. Inspect the cover to see if it’s waterlogged or damaged. If necessary, call your local dealer or hot tub service company to assist you with repair or troubleshooting.
  2. Keep the Hot Tub Covered: When not in use, keep the hot tub covered, and also put the cover back on immediately after every hot tub use. This helps to retain heat and prevent falling debris from getting into the tub. A well-insulated cover can significantly reduce heating costs…..remember if your cover is old and waterlogged it won’t have the same insulating value and it will be difficult to take off and put on.
  3. Maintain Constant Water Temperature: While it might be tempting to crank up the temperature during colder weather, keeping the water at a moderate temperature (~ 100-102°F) is usually sufficient for soaking and energy efficiency.
  4. Periodically Check Water Levels: It is normal for evaporation to occur in a hot tub so you might need to top it off from time to time to ensure good operation. Also snow or rain might affect the water level. If the water level gets to low it affect the operation of the hot tub especially if it drops below the skimmer/filter line.
  5. Clean the Filter Regularly and Replace As Needed: Winter conditions can increase the chances of debris entering the hot tub. Check and clean the filter regularly to ensure proper water circulation and filtration. Cartridge filters typically need to be replaced once a year or less depending on usage.
  6. Shovel Snow Away and Sweep Off the Cover: If your hot tub is outdoors and it snows, make sure to clear the snow away from the hot tub and its cover. This helps prevent excess weight on the cover and makes accessing the hot tub easier. Try using a broom to sweep the snow of the cover as a shovel can puncture or damage the vinyl. This can also improve efficiency.
  7. Stay Hydrated: Even though it’s cold outside, it’s essential to stay hydrated when using the hot tub. Drink water before and after use to prevent dehydration. While it can be tempting to stay in the hot tub for an extended period, especially in cold weather, it’s important limit your soaking sessions to avoid overheating and dehydration.
  8. Cover Your Hair: If you have long hair, consider protecting it from the cold by wearing a hat or beanie while in the hot tub. Wet hair can freeze in cold temperatures.
  9. Transitioning – Make sure you have towels handy. Also consider a warm robe, hat, and flip-flops to keep yourself comfortable when transitioning between the hot tub and the cold.

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By following these tips, you can enjoy your hot tub safely and comfortably throughout the winter months.

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