Tuff Spas Offering More Therapeutic Hot Tubs with Platinum Series

Tuff Spas, based out of Chandler, AZ, is making the move into the more therapeutic segment of the hot tub market by offering a Platinum Series version of their existing hot tub models.  Known for their low maintenance and rugged rotomold construction, Tuff Spa models typically come with one motor, 15-30 jets, and a 110v plug and play electrical connection.  Furthermore, their very unique hard plastic cover has made them an attraction for many second time hot tub buyers looking to get away from traditional vinyl and foam hard covers that need replacing every 3-5 years.   Where they have lost some business has been in the perception of therapy offering only one pump and 15-30 jets.  Most of the hot tubs sold across the industry are two pump units with 40-50 jets because they are deemed more therapeutic. Tuff Spas is offering two of their best selling models (TT450 and TT650) in a Platinum version which boasts two four horsepower motors and fifty jets. They are also 220v only units which allow the motors and heaters to run simultaneously for better performance (unlike a 110v).  The Tuff Platinum models also feature a sidewall footblaster jet that provides the ultimate in leg/feet therapy.  The move is sure to win over buyers that are comparing Tuff to traditional acrylic hot tubs that offer more pumps and jets.

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Tuff Spas Platinum Series Hot Tubstuff spas platinum series foot jet

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