Swim Spas with Bench Seats

One of the most recent trends with swim spas is to have the option of ordering them with bench seating down the length of the unit. This makes a lot is sense when you think about it because swim spas (a.k.a. swim in place pools) have a lot of open space especially down the swim lane and it is better utilized by adding bench seating down the two sides creating more seating capacity. Also given that you can heat a swim spa up to 104 degrees just like a hot tub then it’s even more optimal. Many swim spa manufacturers refer to these types of swim spas as “party spas” or “party swim spas” because they can accommodate up to 12 or more people depending on the size. The manufacturers that offer this option typically include additional jets when the bench is ordered for hydrotherapy as well as seating.

Here are a few manufacturers offering swim spas with bench seating:

  1. Artesian Spas Tidal Fit EP-12
  2. Artesian Spas Tidal Fit EP-14
  3. Dynasty Swim Spas Party Swim 13
  4. Catalina Swim Spas Malibu
  5. Catalinas Swim Spas Newporter
  6. Coast Spas Swim Spa Collection 1300B, 1301B, and 1302B
  7. Cal Spas Swim Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spas SWIM PRO F-1325
  8. Cal Spas Swim Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spas COMMANDER F-1681
  9. Master Spas H2X Swim Spas Therapool SE and Therapool D
  10. Marquis Spas Aquatic Training Vessels (“ATV Swim Spas”) V150 Swim Spa

It important to note that most swim spa manufacturers offer the twin bench option in their 12 foot models and at this time the only ones offering a larger model is the Tidal Fit EP-14 which is a 14 foot model and the Cal Spas COMMANDER F-1681 which is their 16 foot model.

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