Jacuzzi Arga™ Freestanding Bath with Swirlpool™ Is An Indoor Hot Tub Experience

Don’t have the space for an outdoor hot tub or just prefer the convenience of a hot tub experience within the comforts of your home then consider the new Arga Bath by Jacuzzi. The Arga bath is a freestanding bathtub that can be installed in a bathroom or sunroom or similar. The Arga Bath is perfect for one person and can be filled, heated, and drained quickly for a virtually on-demand spa hot tub experience indoors. The Arga Bath also features “Swirlpool” which uses specialized jets to move the water in a swirling motion around the tub providing a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

The tub also has a built in aromatherapy bath salt dispenser, underwater LED mood lighting, and waterfall that dispenser the aromatherapy Epsom salts.

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