Guide to Hiring a Professional Hot Tub Mover

moving a hot tubIf you do not want to leave your hot tub behind when you move, and you are not comfortable with the idea of moving it yourself, you will need to find a reliable, well-qualified company to relocate it to your new home. You probably will also want to avoid the high fees some moving companies charge for moving a hot tub, by finding a company that offers affordable rates.

Getting the answers to the following questions should provide you with enough information to choose the right mover for your circumstances and budget:

Is the company reliable and professional with good customer service? Instead of relying on their marketing claims, ask the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) about the company’s reputation.

Does the company have many happy former clients? Check the company’s reviews for any recurring problems or negative experiences of past clients.

Is the company licensed, bonded and insured? Make sure the moving company has insurance to cover the safe and legal transporting of your hot tub. They should also have workers compensation for their movers. Otherwise, you may be responsible if they are injured on your property.

• What is the estimated cost of moving your hot tub? To find affordable rates, ask potential movers for estimated costs, based on the distance to the destination (there may be interstate charges involved), the weight of your hot tub, dimensions, and hourly per-mover charges. After obtaining these estimates, you can ask the company for a binding, not-to-exceed estimate of the costs.

How will the prospective moving company handle and protect your hot tub during the move. What kind of equipment does it use, and the precautions will it take during the transportation of the tub. For example, if the hot tub is being transported on its side then it is important for it to be positioned with the equipment side done to reduce jarring or damage to the equipment. In addition, make sure that the company will place the hot tub in its designated permanent location at the new home as some companies limit their services to curbside hot tub delivery.
It is important to note that the hot tub must be drained and the electrical disconnected by the homeowner or a licensed electrician ahead of time or else the moving company will not pick it up.

• What is the company’s claims procedure? In case your hot tub is damaged while being transported, find out ahead of time how to file a claim with the company. No matter how many precautions a moves take, there is still the possibility of damage to the tub during the move. Knowing the company’s policy in advance will save you time and frustration if you do end up having a claim.

It is a good idea to take photos of your hot tub prior to it being prepped and loaded onto the moving truck. After delivery, check the tub thoroughly for any damage that may have happened during the move before the movers leave your property. If you see a problem, take photos of it immediately to help your claim to the moving company because if any amount of time passes after it is dropped off then the legitimacy of claims reduces dramatically.

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