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 by Robert Walsh

I urge anyone contemplating becoming a customer of Prisco to think twice (or a dozen times) before doing so. Actually, I urge you to avoid the company entirely.
I won’t go into all the details, but here is a very brief summary: My wife and I have bought three hot tubs from Prisco over many years. The second had endless problems, was clearly a lemon, and after countless service visits was eventually removed. (In what seemed a saving grace at the time, Prisco gave us credit for a future purchase.) Unfortunately, the third tub has also had a series of problems and I have finally lost my patience with the company and with Marco, the general manager, who can’t even be bothered to contact me after my repeated conversations with customer service.
Aside from a representative named Jenny, who seems to have at least tried to address some of the issues, Prisco’s customer service has been abysmal for ages. It would regularly take four or five calls simply to arrange a service call. The techs sent to service the tub came at times when we weren’t home or left without updating us on what they had done. Worse, they were often incompetent. (One of them claimed there was no leak, despite the fact that the water level was dropping several inches a day and the concrete pad was soaked. Another blamed our well water even after it was thoroughly tested twice.)
In October we made several calls to set up a service appointment and each time waited for days without hearing back. It is now December 5 and no one has ever come, though Prisco promised us that the problems would be addressed. We’ve decided to have the tub removed as junk on our own after Prisco wanted several hundred dollars to do so. We want nothing to do with this awful company ever again.

 by Mike johnson
Great dealer

Great dealership and support. Highly recommend