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 by Toni Cox
Very Rude to Customers

I wish I did not have to give this place one star to leave a review, they do not deserve a star! We bought a hot tub from Tyler at Mountain Mist about five years ago and are happy with that purchase. So happy we actually sent our friends who were also looking for a hot tub in to purchase the exact same one the very next week. We have continued to purchase our supplies here over the years even though they are not friendly or helpful when you are not spending thousands of dollars - it is on our way to work so it's convenient.
You would think a business would appreciate customers who make $8,000 sales for them and then continue to be customers for years - but not this place. Today we found out our business is worth nothing to them!!
We always purchase supplies ahead of time so we didn't actually install a filter we bought in July until September. After about a week it was obvious the filter was not working so my husband took it in to the store and Tyler told him to soak it in vinegar and try it again. We did that - it still didn't work so I took it back again expecting to exchange it. This is when they really got rude!! The young man at the counter went into another room and I could hear him talking to Tyler - basically accusing us of trying to return a used filter, even though it was obviously not dirty or "used". He came back and told me he could not reach the owner but left him a message (if you are going to lie - make sure you the person you are lying to didn't actually HEAR your conversation!) and that they could not exchange the filter because the plastic was not on it so they could not resell it. First, of course the plastic is not on it - we tried to use it, that is how we knew it didn't work!! Second, you are going to resell a filter I just told you does not work???? I left my number and asked that the owner call me when he returned to the store.
A few hours later Tyler called and was even ruder than the clerk in the store. He said there was no way we could return a filter we bought 4 months ago even though he understood that we "think" the filter isn't working, even though we did not install it right away and we had been in to return it within a week of installing it and had been trying his suggestions since then. He was extremely accusatory, saying he would not "just give us another filter - there is no way he could take that kind of financial hit because he does not make enough money on filters". We have not returned a single item in FIVE YEARS of buying supplies. And I would imagine you made a few dollars on the two $8,000 hot tubs and five years worth of supplies!!
I have never been treated so poorly by a business and I am embarrassed to have recommended them to our friends! This is certainly a mistake I will not make again!! As a Longmont, CO business owner myself I try to support local businesses when I can, that is why we don't just order our spa supplies online, but I am completely appalled by the way we have been treated at Mountain Mist Pool and Spa. I am sorry this review is so long - but I hope if anyone takes the time to read it I can save you some time, money and frustration. Spend your hard-earned money somewhere where it will be appreciated - I will drive to another state before I ever spend one more dollar at this business!!!