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 by Matt Stringfellow

The spa was finally delivered early October of 2020 (two months behind schedule) and was completely different from what I ordered. Wrong Exterior cabinet color and wrong interior surface.

Artic Spa re- ordered another spa for me free of charge thats scheduled to deliver in January at this point.

Finally, after their service team filled and started the spa. The "spaboy" app, which is one of the only reasons I purchased this unit as its in a second home so ability to control temp and monitor PH level was critical, didnt work. They have return twice to fix that issue and its still not working.

We continually received error messages on the control panel about the tub being too hot when it wasnt even 100 degrees. emails back to artic spa, and simply told me to reboot it. After about 5 reboots, the errors went away and it heated accordingly. We used the spa twice and I have a nest cam pointed directly at it so know it wasnt tampered with

after two weeks, we return to the condo, I open the lid to find a disgusting growth filled tub. black/red filled tub of shi*. all the valves around jets appear to have corroded or developed some growth around them that leaked down to base of tub

I forwarded these photos to Christian Staples... he offered to come clean the spa... and denied a credit/refund.

Spaboy app still doesnt work a month later and my wife refuses to let the children or herself get inside of it.

do yourself a favor and dont was thousands of dollars on a spa thats only going to become a headache, which is what I have done apparently.