Coast Spas AquaSole Foot Massage Rollers Reviewed

Coast Spas AquaSole Jets are one of the coolest features we’ve seen in hot tubs for some time.  Many features and “innovations” in hot tubs can be more gimmicky than functional, however, that is not the case with the AquaSole Jets.  The foot rollers are very cool because they can be used when the jets are on (hydraulically moving the little balls in circular fashion) or when they are off because you can simply roll the soles of your feet over the tops of the AquaSole jets for a more subtle and gentle massage.

The jets and roller system are actually recessed into the footwell of the hot tubs so they are not an obstruction that takes up valuable footwell space.  Furthermore, there are two of them so multiple bathers can use them at the same time.  Hats off to Coast Spas on this one.  Definitely a worthwhile feature and one that separates them from the competition.

Coast Spas has always been known for their innovation.  In recent years they developed and patented the first negative edge hot tub and swim spa with the Cascade Series models. Nice to see that portable hot tubs continue to evolve and wow consumers.

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