Marquis Mirage LE spa/hot tub, 120/240V seats 3-4


BrandMarquis Spas
ModelMirage LE
Electrical110v Plug and Play
Length78 in
Width78 in
SellerPrivate Party




Marquis Mirage LE spa/hot tub in excellent working order. It also has a cover, also in decent shape. It can be plugged into a simple home outlet or to a dedicated 240V line. We currently have it wired for 120V use and plugged into a standard outlet. At our previous home we had a dedicated 240V circuit for it and I would highly recommend that option if your are able. It will heat faster and stay warm better than on a 120V outlet, but the 120V is manageable. It has seats for 3 people (two regular seats and one reclining position). You can also fit an extra person or 2 in between if you want. It's fairly simply to maintain and we found the smaller size much more comfortable for our use rather than a larger tub. It also makes it possible to move it on your own rather than hiring a company if you want. You will need at least 4 strong guys and a large trailer, but it is very do-able. Weighs 475 lbs empty. Full dimensions are in the photos. The tub does have an ozonator installed which no longer works, but that has not been a problem for us. The ozonator aids in keeping the water clean but we have been fine just using chorine tablets and monitoring the water quality. You could purchase a new ozonator if desired and probably install it yourself if you're handy. The pump, heater and filtration system (the main parts of the tub) all work fine. Switching from 120V to 240V does require that you know what you're doing, so I recommend having a spa/electrical technician do that for you if you're not 100% sure how to follow the directions. Thanks!