Jacuzzi 335 Spa – 6-Person Hot Tub


BrandJacuzzi Hot Tubs
Electrical220v Hardwire
SellerPrivate Party




This high-end spa, which comfortably seats 5-6 adults, was purchased brand new for $11,000 one year ago and hasn't moved since. I have meticulously cared for it according to the owner's manual and it is in perfect condition. I use bromine instead of chlorine, which works great and does not have the chemical smell or impact on skin that chlorine has. The hot tub's jets are top of the line, making it really great for sore muscles and self-care. It has some nice additional features like waterfalls, adjustable multi-colored lighting, and a mobile app that lets you control things like jets and temperature from afar, but minimal unnecessary bells and whistles. I paid $11,119 on 6/2/17 for this brand new Jacuzzi J-335 spa from Oregon Hot Tub in Beaverton. Learn about the J-300 series here: https://www.jacuzzi.com/en-us/hot-tubs/product-list/j-335-comfort-with-compact-lounge-seat That price included initial chemicals, installation, the fancy cover, etc. I can provide the invoice, delivery slip, and any other relevant paperwork. I also recently bought a bunch of new chemicals to replenish some that had run out, all of which I'll include. If you're interested in the hot tub, please reach out and we can discuss logistics. I've loved having this spa, but I'm unexpectedly moving back to CA for work and just don't own a property there where I can house it. I'm selling my house here and my realtor told us that since a spa is a luxury item, it could limit us to a somewhat exclusive range of buyers. I will say owning it made me feel pretty exclusive and luxurious overnight. :) It's up and running at a mellow 101 degrees. If you want to come try it out one night (or morning--pro tip that early morning, even on hot summer days, with no jets is one of the most peaceful and rejuvenating experiences you can give yourself), let me know!