Arctic Ocean Onzen Sea Salt Therapeutic Swim Spa Hot Tub Pool Used – $10,000


BrandArctic Spas
Electrical220v Hardwire
SellerPrivate Party




We purchased this new in June 2014 (MSRP $33,650). Can be used as a hot tub and/or swim spa. All the photos shown are the unit for sale. We're in the process of spring cleaning the cedar exterior with wood brightener to be followed by a clear cedar stain, so the wood will look even nicer when finished. * Cost of operation is an important consideration for a swim spa, and the biggest reason we went with Arctic. These units are designed to offer high efficiency heating in cold climates, with a patented Freeheat Insulation System that conserves every bit of energy possible to help heat the water and also protect equipment from sudden temperature changes. * Arctic swim spas have a "Forever Floor" - a pressure-stamped, fiberglass composite floor that's impervious to moisture and pests (another key reason we went with this unit, because this is definitely not standard across the various brands). Also helps to keep the heat in. * Kiln-dried clear furniture grade Western red cedar cabinetry. * Multiple insulated doors provide immediate access to all critical components and serviceable items. (This also allows access for upgrades down the road if wanted). The access design was yet another reason we went with Arctic, since many manufacturers seal connections and components in foam, which makes maintenance difficult and costly. * Counter current jet system (can be used with or without the tether resistance swim system that's also included). * Onzen saltwater system creates sanitizer naturally, reducing chemical requirements. (Use of the Onzen system is optional). * Dimensions are 171.75" x 92.75" x 50.75". * Water Capacity 1559 gallons. * 30 jets / 2 pumps. * Rope waterfalls. * Peak 2 ozone system. * Fitness and rowing kit upgrade also included, with multiple fasteners for attaching resistance bands. * Family lighting package upgrade included, featuring two underwater lights and backlighting of the controls and drink cups as well as backlighting for the water rope waterfall feature. We've owned this unit for close to 4 years now, and it's in good working condition. It's been outside on a cement slab. It needs a new cover and a $90 Onzen Salt Cell if you want to use the salt system. This is still under a 5-year warranty, but the warranty is non-transferable, unfortunately. A good option for someone looking for a used therapy swim spa at a fraction of retail - we're just hoping to find a new owner who can get more use out of it. This video provides a basic overview of functionality (models/layouts vary, so our unit won't necessarily be exact to what's shown, but it illustrates size as well as how the swim tether and rowing kit works): The purchaser will be responsible for arranging and paying for pickup and transport. A flatbed will be needed, along with either a crane or tilting platform construction forklift. There are companies out there who will provide door to door service for this kind of relocation. The spa is located in an accessible back yard on a cement pad. This is NOT a unit that can be lifted with only manual labor. We'll take care of the electrical disconnect. Please feel free to call or text if you'd like to schedule a time to come see the unit.