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Brand Overview

Built by May Manufacturing in Nevada, Tropic Seas Spas are available through authorized dealers in the U.S., Canada and around the world. You can find a local retailer through the dealer locator on their website. Tropic Seas Spas combine handcrafted artistry with ergonomic design for the ultimate spa experience; sophisticated stainless steel jets are designed to massage hard to reach areas of the body. Their hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a convenient three-person hot tub to a 475-gallon spa with 51 hydrotherapy jets and seating for seven people. All Tropic Seas Spas are designed with popular extras, such as the easy-to-use digital controls to customize the pressure and air flow of the jets, waterfalls, LED mood lighting, and Pillowfalls, which gives your neck and shoulders the best hydrotherapy experience.

The newest member of the Tropic Seas line is the Tonga. It provides an option for those who want the quality, innovation, and luxury of a Tropic Seas spa, but prefer a smaller hot tub. It has a 200-gallon water capacity, seats four adults and provides 27 stainless steel jets. The Tonga model also plugs into a standard wall outlet, for simple Plug-N-Play functionality.


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Tropic Seas Spas
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Daryl Smith
Very nice hot tub

We bought our Oahu in 2021 and couldn't be happier. We previously had a Master Spa and it was nothing but problems (heater and pump replacements) We had to wait almost 9 months to get the Tropic Seas hot tub but it was worth it. The frog ease chlorine sticks run out pretty quick but that's the only issue we've had so we moved to a floater with tabs

 by Jeff Reich
Fire Hazard

We bought our Rio in 2016. In less than 3 years the Balboa computer board went bad and this was right when Covid hit. I was told by the dealer that parts were impossible to get right then. So, I found a whole new Balboa unit, with heater, controls etc on eBay brand new. I installed that 2019. Then last week (April 2022) at 2 AM the hot tub started on fire. PLEASE NOTE, these hot tubs have a power control box that is made from plastic. There is a 220 volt 50 amp circuit going into this box, with heater unit and motor relays. If a relay goes bad or a wire works its way loose and catches on fire, it will start the control box on fire. The CODE should be a metal box for a 220 volt box. So something malfunctioned inside this box and the box caught on fire. This spa was on our desk next to the house, and caught our house on fire and the roof over the hot tub. If my wife would have woke up just two minutes later, and if I had not had a commercial fire extinguisher by the door of our house, we would have lost our home. If you EVER buy a hot tub, make sure it has a metal control box inside the spa. A wire or relay fire would extinguish itself inside a metal box.

 by kathy
Still waiting

The Purchased swimspa 07/07/20 and still waiting for delivery I had my patio enclosed to accomodate year round usage as it was suggested by my doctor. I have tried to be patient with their covid excuses but 8months and counting really ?? I asked for a refund several months ago and was told no I hate the thought of a lawsuit but it is looking like I may have to cause my health has deteriorated now and not sure if the swim spa will help I could be dead before it arrives really ridiculous if I could give 0 rating that is what it would be

 by Amy S

Do NOT waste your time. 1 star only because website requires it!!!! Horrid customer service, used COVID as an excuse, (but not at the time of purchase or when FULL PAYMENT WAS DUE), for changing our time line for an eight week delivery time, to 12 weeks, to 16 weeks, to 7 months later and after several requests for a refund they would not give us our money back despite the spa not even being built until month seven of the whole ordeal......only AFTER finishing the build did they say they would consider a refund with a 25% restocking fee. We had to pay everything up front to the distributor and neither the distributor or this manufacturer took any steps to correct the problem and provided horrible customer service through out!!! We are now being FORCED to take ownership of a spa that we have little faith in, little faith in any warranty work that may be needed, and little faith in the customer service from both the Distributor or the manufacturer...Save your money and go with a different manufacturer who won't treat you like they are a sleazy used car salesman! I can not emphasis enough how you would be better off going with a different company who actually prides themselves on quality customer service.

 by John Skaryak
Warranty stinks

My tropic seas spa starting leaking after two years and the dealer service technician claimed it was due to evaporation. Now they claim that the spa is leaking from a different place and will not honor the repair under warranty. The spa water level diminishes by 6 inches every week. Do not buy this spa as the warranty is worthless.