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Brand Overview

Located in a state-of-the-art facility in St. Jerome, Quebec, InnovaSpa is a subsidiary of Innovaplas – a manufacturing leader of rotationally molded polyethylene pool steps and ladders for over a decade.  Success led to expansion and the acquisition of Lumi-O International in 2008. InnovaSpa was created to continue, expand and improve this program and to add design innovation to the spa industry.  Today, InnovaSpa is considered a top manufacturer of high quality, well-engineered hot tubs with common sense features.  Their premium Urbania model a “best bet” for spa value.  It seats six adults and holds 275 gallons of water, a two-speed pump and Thermofoil insulation.  Features include top side controls, 16 stainless steel jets and a 3/2 vinyl cover. 


With contemporary ergonomics and designed to meet the harsh Quebec winters, the OLEXIA is a high quality 4-seasons spa ideal for people wanting to enjoy luxury without compromise. When you get an OLEXIA, you enjoy all the same features and benefits of an expensive spa at a fraction of the cost, making ownership of an OLEXIA an exceptional value.  For small spaces, the OLEXIA-3 model is a comfortable, elegantly designed portable spa that is ideal for smaller backyards, decks or confided indoor or outdoor spaces.  For family enjoyment or entertaining, the OLEXIA-6 model is the right fit, with seating for six and targeted therapy jets for all the body areas that need attention.

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Innova Spas
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 41 reviews
 by Michael
Pump issue

I purchased my Urbania Hot tub in August 2018, used it every day without issue. In May of 2021there was a grinding sound coming from behind the door which houses the pump and heater. I opened up the door and the noise was louder and the sound came from the pump. I contacted InnovaSpa and I was told that the pump probably has an issue with the bearing.
When I researched how long a pump should last the average answer I found was from 5 to 10 years.
I am wondering why my became faulty before the 3 year mark?

 by Shimon Steinmetz
Amazing Customer Services

I purchased my Feeling Spa in Dec 2021. I absolutely love it when it is working but in the 3 months I have had some challenges. Enter Carl Gryschuk from customer service. He is nothing short of amazing and the only reason why I will be a life time Innova customer. He gave me his cell phone and invited me to call any time. He is a wealth a knowledge and can diagnose an issue over the phone. More importantly, he helps you resolve the issue so that it is painless for you. He is the ace in the InnovaSpa customer service team. I only wish I had the CEO's email so that I can write him and make sure he know how good Carl really is.

 by Sheila
Not Feeling O the love

Bought the Innovaspa Feeling O hot tub on February 26, filled it with hot water from our domestic supply, plugged it in, and waited for it to heat. Three days and the temperature did not move even one degree. Mind you, it didn't lose temperature, so we know something was sort of working. The retailer, when contacted, told me we had to put it on an insulated pad and stuff the cavity with additional pink fiberglass if we wanted it to heat in winter temps. In my books that is not "Plug and Play," it's "We're too cheap to put adequate insulation in our hot tub even though we manufacture in Saint-Jerome Québec where average daily temps in February are well below freezing." Nothing in the marketing literature or the four manuals I downloaded says you have to insulate your own hot tub. The closest they skirt to winter use is to say that you should wire it to 240 V if you want to use it for long periods in winter. From previous plug and play experience, I assume this to mean it will will not keep up with the heat loss when open to the air. Fair enough. But it should be able to heat up over three days with the lid on. My ancient tub from 2007 managed to gain a half a degree an hour in winter with no extra help. The glorified piece of tinfoil they call insulation is obviously not up to the task. It pity, because I like a lot about the look of it and the portability. To top it off, we finally got it to "temp" and it's still some degrees below the temperature reading on the display. By the time I figure that one out, I'll be offering my tech services for Innovaspa products, because apparently they are short on staff. And insulation.

 by Julie
Innovaspa "Feeling" Hot Tub

Posted Review on their actual website BUT they never posted it!!

"My rating might change once I get it working.
I bought the "Feeling" hot tub one week ago and it hasn't worked yet. It won't heat. We have to wait another 2 weeks for the parts to come in to fix the "brand new tub" we bought. Not sure how it was tested at the warehouse and passed. I worked hard for the last 5 years to convince my husband to purchase one and we were so excited. We bought the "Feeling" tub and so far my "feeling" is disappointment and let down. It's Christmas time and we have family coming to enjoy a couple hot tub parties, and now I have to let their "feeling" down as well...
On a positive note, we boiled water for 5 hours and made the water warm enough to sit in it and it felt great! BUT we spent a lot of money and we shouldn't have to go through all this.
So when it says easy installation, just plug and play, be weary as it is not always the case...
Update: Parts never showed up from Innovaspa warehouse, retailer where we bought ripped parts out of another hot tub and fixed it that way. I have sent numerous messages via email, website and phone calls and Innovaspa has never answered the phone or replied.

 by Martin trottier
Wow stream spas

We love the stream spas by innovaspa, we live in the north of quebec province, the insulation is perfect, good ergonomics, i prefer more jets, but for this price , just wow 5 stars

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