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Brand Overview

Beachcomber Hot Tubs have been hand made in Canada since 1978.  The company is family owned, with independently owned local retail stores in Canada and the U.S., as well as an online store.  They say that their retail stores have the same integrity, values and care as the owners, and that the company has always looked after their customers and treated them like family.  Their sales slogan is “Affordability Meets Luxury,” and claim that no matter which of their 20 model you choose, it will be built with the same high quality artisanship as the top models.

They call their hot tub designs modern and beautiful, like “functional art that lasts for decades,” and hand-sculpt the tub molds for perfect contouring.  A recently added Anniversary Edition has a “metallic” acrylic finish they call Titanium.

Beachcomber’s hot tubs have been engineered to ensure their energy efficiency, saving their customers’ money and minimizing environment impact.  They claim to be certified through an independent government agency as the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market today.

All Beachcomber retail stores offer computer water analysis that quickly and accurately tests a sample of their customers’ water. They provide them with a ‘recipe’ sheet of what to add to ensure clear, clean water.

Beachcomber customers are able to upgrade certain options for their hot tubs, which are pre-plumbed for the ClearTech UVC water care system option.



Additional brands/lines include:  700 SLB Air Series Spas, 700 Series Spas, 500 Series Spas, 300 Series Spas

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