The Best Hot Tub Scum Line Remover

Tired of that reappearing hot tub waterline and scum build up?  More tired of scrubbing and scrubbing to remove the scum line? Oil, lotions, deodorant, makeup, and other organic substances that sluff off our bodies during a hot tub soak can stick to the shell surface and create an unsightly waterline.   Hot tub waterlines can be stubborn and difficult to remove but we believe we’ve found the solution and even put it to the test.   The answer is a magic erase sponge.  The most popular one is the Mr. Clean magic erase pad that is a regular household cleaning product and works marvelously on a hot tub scum line.  The eraser pad is made of melamine and what’s amazing is how effortlessly the dirt and grime comes right off the acrylic hot tub shell.  For comparison, we tried a rag and paper towel to see how well those worked and they required lots of elbow grease (pressure) and only removed a little at a time.  It took multiple attempts and a lot of exertion to remove the same waterline that only took seconds with a magic erase pad.

Note that since the magic erase pads weren’t made for usage on hot tubs we wouldn’t suggest dropping the pads into the hot tub because the chemicals in the pad may react with the hot tub water and may be harmful.

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Hot tub Water LIne Removal

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