Passion Spas / Sports Collection / Model = Activity 1


BrandPassion Spas
ModelActivity 1
Electrical220v Hardwire
Length155 inches
Width89 inches
SellerPrivate Party




The Activity Swim Spa is a compact swim spa that combines 3 message seats with adjustable River Swim System. The River Swim System also has unique Current Lift technology which enables to remain prone in the water even at slower pace. Spa is Wi-Fi ready and has Bluetooth Audio System. Has lights and 6 water fountains. Purchased in 2020 from Choice Pool and Spa in Wake Forest. Spa looks and works like the day it was installed. Spa currently has good clean water in it that will have to be drained. Pool will of course need to be moved. I installed the spa in my garage because: • Keep it clean • Keep bugs, snakes, etc., out. • Reduce cost of heating water. • Convenient for family members. • Private. Specifications: • 155”x 89”x 50”. • Capacity = 1,981 Gallons. • 50 Jets. • 3 Seats and Swim area. Accessories: • Chemicals • Floatation chairs • 2 Thermal covers