2013 Hotspring Vanguard VV model


BrandHot Springs Spas
Electrical220v Hardwire
SellerPrivate Party




This is a very pleasant and relaxing hot tub. A new Vanguard costs $18000!
“To see a video of the spa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBi4zTTPHu0&t=5s”

Has auxillary jet controls
The Luminescense four-zone multi-color lighting system, you can individually control each zone- underwater, bartop, pillows and water features.
Cover is only a couple years old.
Cover Cradle is installed for easy removal of the cover.
I’m including the stairs, summer cover protector, 2 sets of filters, all chemicals, Taylor K-2006 test kit.

There is a clear path for removal. 3-4 strong people could get it off the deck onto some dollies.

Footprint 7′ 3″ x 7′ 3″
Height 36″
6000W heater
400 gallons
Dry weight=789 lbs Filled weight=5175 lbs
230V 50A single phase GFCI circuit required.

Jet Pump 1-Jet System 1
1. 1 Moto-Massage® jet
2. 4 directional Precision® jets above Moto-Massagejet
3. 2 directional Precision jets
4. 1 Moto-Massage DX jet
5. 4 directional Precision jets above Moto-Massage DX jet
6. 2 directional Precision jets

Jet Pump 2-Jet System 1
SmartJet® lever in position
a) 10 directional Precision jets
b) 1-directional hydromassage jet
c) 2 Soothing Seven® jets

Jet Pump 2-Jet System 2
SmartJet® lever in position
a) 3 Jet-Cluster system (2-dual port rotary, 1-directional hydromassage)
b) 2 JetStream® jets